COVID19 - Our Safety Measures

COVID19 has made us all change the way we go about our daily lives to ensure we minimise risk and try to stop the spread of the disease. At Akaal Primary School we have made certain changes in line with government guidelines and restrictions, and these measures will be in place until such time as it is safe to remove them. Our main priority is to keep the children, staff and the extended Akaal family safe and protected. We operate the following measures regardless of the number of pupils attending school.

Drop Off / Pick Up

We ask that all children are dropped off at the school gate from 8:25. Only the parent of Reception class children will be permitted onto site in the morning.

Whilst waiting for the gate to open, please continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines by wearing a mask and queueing 2 metres apart.

We are operating multiple entrance points to ensure that class bubbles remain separated which the children will go directly to once entering the school grounds.

At the end of the school day each class bubble will be taken to a designated area of the school grounds for dismissal. Parents are allowed to enter the grounds when the gate opens at 3:25. We ask that parents/families join the queue for the appropriate class, observing social distancing guidelines (mask/2 metres distance).

We ask that just 1 member of the family comes to collect each child and that families do not congregate.

Sanitising, Hand Washing & Temperature Checks

On arrival all children will have their temperature checked and will sanitise their hands. On arrival to the classroom all children will wash their hands. Hands will be dried using disposable napkins and these will be disposed of in specially designated PPE bags.

All other visitors to school will enter via the main reception door, check in at the office and, if it is necessary to come into main school, will be asked to sanitise hands and wear a mask before being allowed access. Visits into school will only be allowed where there is no alternative option.

Hand washing will be repeated after the dance fitness session; after morning break; before and after lunch; after PE or outdoor learning (as and when this takes place); and following each trip to the toilet.

Each classroom has a cleaning kit for sanitising high traffic areas.

All handles, including those in the toilets, and both stair banisters are cleaned mid-morning (after break) and mid-afternoon, in addition to the daily after school clean.

The after school cleaning schedule focuses on high traffic areas including toilets.


The lunchroom is organised to ensure that class bubbles are socially distanced. When 2 sittings are in operation all tables and seats are cleaned between servings.


The playground has been divided into 6 sections, to ensure that each class bubble plays in isolation. Each bubble accesses each section of the playground at least once during the week.

Individuals That Become Unwell

The school as a dedicated ‘COVID19 room’ for any individual who displays virus symptoms. The room is well-distanced from the rest of the school, therefore minimising the risk of virus spread if the person is positive.


The school bus is continuing to run, adhering to all COVID19 safe recommendations. During this time the bus will only attend 1 stop per day.

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