Feedback is essential as it shows us what we’ve achieved and how we can improve further. We know what we need to achieve due to our “chapter introductions” for each unit of work in Literacy, Maths, RE and Sikhi – this explains all of the objectives that we will be learning. If we achieve the learning objective and earn the “key to the gate”, we get a purple stamp and move onto the “mining” or Greater Depth work. This is where we try and apply and manipulate our learning. For topic, we have a “Mission Brief” and a “Mission Debrief”, which explain what we need to do to achieve and whether we have achieved – our purple and gold stamps are used in the same way.

We use four different colours for our feedback:

  • Gold – this shows when we have shown a really good example of the objective

  • Pink – this shows technical mistakes that we should know and need to correct

  • Purple – this shows a misconception with our learning that we may need to speak to a teacher about

  • Green – we use this to correct each other’s work or correct mistakes