Year 2

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Home Learning

Over the course of lockdown, the teaching staff at Akaal Primary school have endeavoured to provide education and home learning to help the children at home with routine, structure and education.

We have used the Zoom application to provide a safe education space for children and host four meetings a day, one each for literacy, maths, word study and topic.

Special Zoom videos have also been recorded for other subjects or updates on other topics too. This resource has provided us with a fantastic bridge to communicate, educate and protect our children.

Along with the assistance of these and other Youtube videos to provide subject overviews in case children cannot attend live meetings, we at Akaal have tried to promote our learning in the best possible way.

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Welcome to the Kindness Class page. This year the class teacher will be Mrs Wallis, she will be supported in class by Mrs Lenton - Chodynska. Together the year two team will work together to provide the best possible learning opportunities and environment for the children. We are excited about the learning that will take place, the adventures we will go on and the memories that we will make throughout the year.

What we do and how we do it…


Each week we have a mini mission, these are put in a mission list at the front of our topic books and key stamped if we have achieved our mission. We take lots of pride in our work and we think it looks amazing, we are vary proud of what we have achived.

With each topic we have a special room, we call this the Immersion Room, this room is used for rle play and to inspire the creative juices of our children. Our topics this year will be:

Mind the Gap – Spring Term

This will teach children about the history surrounding London, including The Great Fire of London, London transport, important buildings, where London is in the Uk, we will study the art work of Ben Moseley and there will be a residential trip to London.

Prepare for Take off – Autumn Term

This will teach children about the history of flight including the Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson, the science behind flight, where in the world you can fly to, work about Peter Pan and will also include a trip to Manchester airport where the children will find out about how airports really work.

I’m a Survivor – Summer Term

Including an outdoor pursuits and survival trip – More information to follow.

Mission Impossible?

Just before Christmas we completed our first Mission Impossible, we were challenged to create new tube stations that would take you to each amazing monument or building in London. The children worked really hard in groups to create the monuments and buildings and learn all about them. Take a look at what they built...


In maths we follow the National Curriculum, at the beginning of each Chapter we have a chapter introduction, this tells the children what they are learning and the small steps they need to do to achieve the objective. At the beginning of every chapter we ask the children to complete a pre assessment, this is so we can see what they know already and allows us to tailor the learning to what the need to know. At the end of each chapter we ask the children to complete an end of chapter assessment, this is their chance to show what they have learned, we like to look at this with each child and share the success with them.


Just like in maths we follow the national curriculum for literacy, we study lots of different texts types including narrative stories, recounts, Newspaper reports, poetry, Information texts and many more. We have a chapter introduction for each area that we learn about. This sets out clearly what the children will be learning and the small steps they need to take to achieve the learning goal.

Word Study

In our Word Study lessons, the children in our classroom talk excitedly about similarities and differences between the spelling and meaning of words. Working together, they explore why these patterns occur and develop an understanding of how our language works.

For further information about our spelling approach look here: Wordstudy Information for Parents (TBC)


Reading is approached for a number of angles in year 2. We have weekly whole class reading sessions where we look at specific each week, these foci cover.

Along side this we have colour banded books which the children take home and read with a adult, ideally we suggest that your child reads at home at least 4 times a week to ensure that that continue to make excellent progress. We check weekly how many times children have read and keep a log, the children who have read the most will receive a small reading related prize to reward them for their efforts.

Enrichment – Find my Rhythm

This is all about rhythm, we started the year working with Kenny learning all about un-tuned percussion and how to follow a beat.

We also work hard with Mr Manku learning to play Tabla, we will be doing this all year. We have already made lots of progress and are really looking forward to continuing with this as the year progresses.

During the Spring term we will be working with Jo from yoga bugs to find our rhythm in our body, moving to music and feeling the beat.


Each day of the week we take part in a carousel of learning, this way we get to see lots of teachers and make the most of their knowledge and talents which helps us to learn. Here is what we do:

  • Monday – Sikhi with Mrs Kooner
  • Tuesday – RE with Mrs Carr
  • Wednesday – Personal Development with Mr Hallam
  • Thursday – Computing with Mr Peggs
  • Friday – Spanish with Mrs Wallis