Our Vision

Our Vision

High academic achievement for all

We aim to produce pupils who will excel in academic achievement, and for the school to exceed national average standards. We will lay the foundation of education on pupils’ excellence in literacy, so that we serve our majority group of EAL students well. Language learning skills will be interwoven throughout our curriculum; numeracy will have a similarly strong focus. All groups of pupils, including disadvantaged pupils, will achieve as well as other pupils in the school through our high-quality provision. Pupils will develop a love of learning.

We have set high targets for the school in section 4 so that we can achieve the key tenets of the Sikh faith: economic independence through honest earning (Kirat Karni) and develop mentally for logical inquiry through self-reflection (Naam Japna).

High moral values and exemplary behaviour

Our school will be safe place where every pupil will feel valued, respected and secure. There will be mutual trust, respect and fair treatment for all. Pupils will show exemplary behaviour towards visitors, peers, parents, senior citizens and community members. They will show the high levels of tolerance and understand that they need to allow every person to have space and they will respect the views of others. Pupils will readily participate in community work and contribute to social cohesion regardless of social status, colour, gender or ethnic background. They will demonstrate their contribution through the service element of the PYP.

We have set challenging targets for behaviour in section 4. The primary aspects of our Sikh values reflected in this outcome are: economic independence through honest earning (Kirat Karni); service beyond self (Sewa); and learning to share (Vand Chhakana).

All-round holistic pupil development

We want our pupils to have the highest expectations of their personal potential in the areas of social, moral, spiritual, cultural, physical and mental development. All pupils will become articulate, confident and self-aware, and make good choices about lifestyle, diet and activities that promote health. All pupils will show good all-round achievement and will excel in the areas in which they are talented. We will foster a healthy sense of competition, particularly in sport, where we will provide a range of options in the curriculum, in enrichment activities and in after-school clubs.

We have included targets in this area in section 4 so that we achieve one of the key tenets of the Sikh faith: individual and collective welfare (Naam Japna).

Family-centred children with an international outlook

Our school will promote home–school partnerships, with the school as a community hub. Parents will be integral part of pupils’ learning through their own learning, participation in school life, and feedback from the school. We will strive to create a strong inter-community cohesion centred on the school. Our global outlook will help pupils’ to learn about their inter-community heritage and create sensitivity among pupils so that they understand and appreciate views and culture of others in very diverse cultures. Pupils will establish links with their countries of origin, and with other communities in the UK and throughout the world.

We have set targets for this area in section 4. The primary aspects of the Sikh values reflected in this outcome are: individual and collective welfare (Naam Japna); service beyond self (Sewa); and learning to share (Vand Chhakana).

Further Information

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